Questions about The Homeplace

It is our intent that your move to The Homeplace will be the last move you will ever need to make. However here is a brief summary of answers to questions....

Can The Homeplace provide skilled nursing services?
No. However, home health agencies can provide these services at any of The Homeplace locations as residents or tenants need them. Our Residence Directors can assist in setting up these services.
Do I have to sign a lease?
No.  Because we know the level of care needed can change when working with the senior population.  Each tenant signs an admission agreement that states they can vacate their apartment with a 30 day written notice.  We do not charge assessment or entrance fees to move in. 
How do you monitor someones health status?

We ensure accurate monitoring with the following measures:

  • A thorough assessment
  • Follow a physicians plan of care
  • An individualized care plan that details the services we will provide
  • Daily monitoring and observational charting
  • Medication reviews
  • Frequent visits from the Registered Nurse
If I move to The Homeplace can I keep my same doctor?
Yes.  The Homeplace encourages continuity in relationships with all healthcare providers and will assist in making appointments and arranging for transportation. If needed, our staff will assist in contacting new healthcare providers.
What happens for end of life care?
When one of our tenants faces end of life care we do everything possible to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.  This same compassion is extended to the family of the tenant.  The Homeplace works with hospice agencies.  Hospice agencies can come to any of our locations to assist in providing end of life care.  Tenants are able to stay in their same apartment while on hospice. 
What if a medical issue arises and I am in need of more assistance?

A re-assessment of your needs will be completed and we will adjust the care plan accordingly to ensure that you receive the best care to meet your current needs. 

What if I can't afford the cost?
The Homeplace works with Managed Care Organziations (MCO's) that work with individuals that need public assistance.  The  Homeplace welcomes those that can't afford to pay privately.
What if I run out of money after living at The Homeplace?
We work with Managed Care Organizations that help individuals get signed up for state assistance.  People who switch from private pay to public funding are able to stay in their same apartment.
What utilities are included in the monthly rent?
Our monthly rate includes all utilities with the exception of cable television and telephone.  Cable television is available at each of the locations in our common living room. Living at The Homeplace not only affords you our cares and services, but also it saves you from having the worry of inside and outside maintenance, and paying for such things as snow removal, lawn care, and yearly property taxes.

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To the staff of the HOMEPLACE – we would like to thank…

To the staff of the HOMEPLACE – we would like to thank you all for your love and support in the passing of our mom. You all went out of your way to take such good care of her, while keeping me well informed about her health. We put our mom in your hands and we couldn't have made a better choice in doing that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Anita, Sandy & Norma